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Franco Gobbi - Fragile


Franco Gobbi’s new book Fragile is a visual study of ephemeral beauty featuring his work with some of the world's top models. The women who pose for his photographs live on the stages of art photography, cinema, theater, fashion, and social events, but in front of Gobbi's lens they are transformed into swooshes of motion. Tapping into an earthly, almost primeval intuition, these photographs capture fragments -- in the turn of the hair, the features, the full body -- of creative spontaneity. By literally blurring the lines of his subjects, Gobbi investigates their transformation into a state of complete fragility. Gobbi’s work draws on and refers to an array of predecessors, including Man Ray, Francis Bacon and Andy Warhol. 

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Fragile is Gobbi’s debut book of photography, and is accompanied with an exhibition at NAMA Nazareth Market, Paris, in November 2017.

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