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Creative Director


Byredo - Wish You Were Here

Beauty Papers

Still Life

Artefact No.1 - Beauty Papers X Maggi Hambling


Beauty Papers launches her first product at Art Basel Hong Kong 27.03.24

Beauty Papers have created an art beauty experience in the form of an indigo lash paint, inspired by Hambling’s works in brooding dark indigo inks and paints and her crystal clear blue eyes that are framed by her signature heavily painted lashes.

Defying all the norms of beauty brands and their shallow obsession with youth and perfection this collaboration manifests and celebrates a beauty beyond the superficial

This is more a love letter, an autobiographical portrait in mascara of Hambling.

‘UNSEEN Andy Warhol’ at FRIEZE London

This unprecedented exhibition was co-curated by Maxine and featured unseen portraits, exclusive Polaroids and films from Warhol’s Factory years. 

Beauty Papers x Harley Weir (Untitled)

Maxine and Valerie Wickes published and art directed a visceral journey into self discovery by artist and photographer Harley Weir with words by writer Charlotte Cotton. 

Harry Styles

A seminal moment in Beauty Papers' history, Maxine collaborated with Harry Styles on a journey that explored individuality and the power of pushing the boundaries of identity.  On publication the magazine - featuring Styles on the cover in fishnets - went viral and created a cultural explosion. 

Haircuts 4 Homeless

With philanthropy forming part of Maxine’s core approach to beauty, a simple but profound idea was to create a project for Haircuts 4 Homeless. The result was a film that inspires and drives awareness to the significance of the work charity founder Stewart Roberts does by helping to rebuild the confidence and self-worth of the marginalised and homeless across the UK.


Maxine's career begun as a makeup artist when on completion of her courses at London College of Fashion, she worked for the Shu Uemura Artistic Team in Japana training with the maestro himself. During this time Maxine helped in the development of Shu Uemura's product line, trend forecasts and concepts, which she regularly demonstrated on stage-during master classes and seminars.

"Mr. Uemura is truly inspirational and placed great emphasis on creativity and perfecting my individual strenghts, "she says. Upon returning to London Maxine continued to work editorially for international and British Vogue, i-D, The Face and W magazine amongst others, shooting campaigns and working on international fashion shows.

Beauty Papers was founded and created by Maxine Leonard and Valerie Wickers in 2015. With the powerful intent to celebrate, explore and challenge the perceptions of beauty, art and culture in our world.

Beauty Papers is now globally recognised publication and media platform where the world's leading artists, agent provocateurs and creators play, provoke, confused and inspire.

Beauty Papers founded a full service creative agency BPCC working to direct campaigns for brands including M.A.C, Jo Malone, NARS and Byredo.

Maxine has provided strategy, creative direction, content and branding for globally recognised brands in the fashion and luxury sectors. Maxine collaborates with clients on all aspects of thier commubnication from print and moving imagery, advertising and brand identity. Maxine inducted on the BOF 500 in 2017.

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