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Makeup artist Lucy Bridge joins designer Charles Jeffrey and photographer Tim Walker for a tea party in talking about how they met, how vulnerability brings out the best photographs, and the future of fashion.


Obsessed with her mother’s Chanel and Dior make-up from an early age, and brought up surrounded by 80s Vogue, it was clear which career path lay ahead for Lucy Bridge.
Moving to London after studying make-up, hair and wig making in Manchester led to freelancing, eventually, working on her own projects.

But it was her social life that proved the catalyst for an editorial career via club scene photographer, stylist and designer friends, especially Charles Jeffrey.

Then a chance meeting with photographer Tim Walker resulted in Lucy and her Chanel obsession featuring in an i-D editorial and the start of a 10-year working partnership that saw Lucy collaborating with Tim on his solo issue for the publication in 2017. What is clear is that this critical meeting exposed her to opportunities to work as a make-up artist which she grabbed with both hands.

Lucy’s uncompromising style is influenced by artistic techniques and the work of artists, and this is echoed in her use of traditional materials - she prefers paint brushes over make-up brushes – and she is known for creating highly technical looks featuring bold lines and vivid colours with a subversive undertone.

But this is underpinned by good, old-fashioned hard work, practice and focus which makes her an invaluable team player as well as creative force.

Influenced by art, film, travel, culture and social media, Lucy is one of the new breed of make-up artists whose genderless approach champions confidence with an unapologetic and unafraid vision.

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