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STREETERS MUSIC LICENSING is a specialised music service working for fashion. We help clients obtain the synchronisation license which is compulsory for using any piece of music in any visual media. This License allows the license holder to “sync” music to some kind of media output - a film /website / campaign.

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A sync license covers a specific period of time, and the license will stipulate how the song can be used. There is one flat fee involved in obtaining a sync license and using the song in a project, once the license is in place, the song can be used as stipulated as many times within the license period as the license holder likes and you don't need to pay a fee every time the film is viewed.

To sync a piece of music you need permissions from the artist, the songwriter, management representatives and rights holders. This process is complicated and we have a specialised clearance team in place to obtain the permissions and a legal and business affairs director to deliver a fully executed license for you quickly.

Youtube, Facebook and other Social Networks  are now regularly pulling down content containing music that is unlicensed using automated web software.

Our teams clients include Armani, Chloe, Nina Ricci, Loewe, ToryBurch, Tommy Hilfiger and Trussadi.

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