Zara Mirkin



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Nike x Nocta

A$AP Rocky - Sundress


Special Projects: Supreme

Sun Damaged by Harmony Korine   Zara Mirkin partners with photographer Harmony Korine to create a book in partnership with Supreme


Barragán SS 2024

Barragán SS 2023

Barragán AW 2021


Zara Mirkin is a stylist and consultant based in New York.

Originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand where her journey into fashion began. Drawing inspiration from everyday people and small-town communities, Zara has a passion for capturing the essence of real life and her work stands out for its authenticity, blending luxury fashion with streetwear, creating visuals that resonate with today’s youth.

Zara champions street casting and often finds unique faces during her travels that reflect the diverse world we live in. Zara has worked with photographers like Moni Haworth, Renell Medrano, Katsu Naito, Kirstin-Lee Moolman, Hart Leshinka, Jody Rogac, and Petra Collins.

Recently appointed as Fashion Editor at Large for Dazed Magazine, her influence continues to grow. Zara has been key in developing long-term impact for designers like Victor Barragan and she is often lauded for her influential work with Supreme. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar US, Dazed, Re-Edition, Interview Magazine, Replica, SSAW, and WSJ Magazine amongst and others. Zara’s clients include Marc Jacobs, Nike, SSENSE, Nordstrom, Valentino, Gucci, and Bulgari amongst others.

Zara Mirkin's distinctive approach is having a real impact on the fashion industry, one authentic story at a time.

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