Streeters Hairstylist Tina Outen is let loose on six stunning male models for iD magazine’s latest issue. Picking her favourite looks from the Men’s shows, Tina recreates each with her signature style and inspirations. Photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Makeup provided by Streeters Lynsey Alexander.

Click through for all the looks and see Tina's insights below.

1: Raw " The models at Maison Martin Margiela all had super overlong hair to reflect the passing of time, while their unkempt beards suggests growing older gracefully"

2: Gold Leaf "The Miharayasuhiro collection made me taste the sea and its awesome power. I wanted the hair to represent the crashing of the waves and the energy of the spray, with the gold leaf symbolising the sand"

3: New Bowls "The Raf Simons collection made me feel like I did when I was 14 and I wanted to run away to New York to be a graffiti artist. Fluffy, floppy fringes are flowing free."

4: Gloss "The Comme des Garcons collection showed layer upon layer - a metamorphosis, hatching new life. To convey this, I played with colour, and high gloss to create what looks like the shell of a bug."

5: New 50s "The Prada collection reminded me of some of my favourite men, Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. Iconic men inspire a new 50s shape: side parted, sweaty against the forehead, with an intensity of unrest".

6: Metallics "The Christopher Shannon collection took me back to my raving days. Disco balls and lasers! A kaleidoscope of glitter with centre parted curtains, in tribute to Robbie Fowler".