Set Designer Miguel Bento creates an award winning instalation for London Fashion Week's Portuguese pavilion at Somerset House. Showing as part of the International Fashion Showcase during AW16 LFW, Miguel has used eco-friendly cork on a symbolic level to the IFS theme 'Utopia'. Read more about Miguel's installation and process at Wallpaper* and 1Granary

Images courtesy of Nian Canard for Wallpaper* and Ellen Syrjala for 1Granary.


In celebration of the Isabella Blow exhibition currently being held at Somerset House, SHOWstudio have created this new fashion film directed by Ruth Hogben. The Set Design for the film was provided by Streeters' Andrew Tomlinson and the Casting was provided by Streeters' Jess Hallett

To read more about the film please visit the SHOWstudio website HERE




To accompany the Isabella Blow exhibition opening this Autumn at Sommerset House, Photographer Nick Knight has created these stunning new images featuring pieces from the Isabella Blow Collection. Streeters' Andrew Tomlinson was responsible for creating the mesmerising Set Design and Streeters' Jess Hallett provided the Casting for the shoot.

For more information on the exhibition see the Somerset House Website.