Inspired by the art of hypnosis, photographer Mark Segal enlisted the skills of world renowned hypnotist John "The Trance-Master" Cerbone for this special story in Interview Russia's June issue. On set, the models were hypnotized and then photographed reacting to various commands. These included being pulled up to the sky by many balloons, standing on a floor that is beginning to shake, and fighting the force of a strong, cold gale. Mark was fascinated with capturing the models in this state of mind to create a sense of spontaneous art. 

Pushing the concept, the models were asked to draw a self portrait whilst being under hypnosis. We have collected these portraits for this Streeters exclusive to show the sense of self while in this enigmatic state.

1. Dylan Fosket (IMG) 2. Viggo Jonason (DNA) 3. Elena Bartels (DNA)
4. Harry Curran (Fusion) 5. Jacob Morton (DNA) 6. Alana Bunte (Elite)

Mark is excited to further his exploration in the relation between hypnosis, art and photography. Interview Russia's "Hypnosis" marks the first of this exploration of this compelling and ever-growing concept. See the full story from Interview Russia here.