Streeters artists Hairstylist David Von Cannon and Makeup Artist Ozzy Salvatierra collaborate with Photographer Vincent Peters for Vogue Italia's April 2014 issue. Inspired by American youth culture of the 1950's, David creates clean-cut short men's styles and voluminous curls for the girls popularized by greaser and rockabilly fashions. And as young women looked to the stars like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly for beauty inspirations, Ozzy creates smokey eyes, rouged cheeks and bold lips, completing an overall look that mixes edge with elegance. 


Model Adriana Lima plays a subway straphanger for Numero Tokyo's December issue. Beauty provided by Streeters' Hairstylist David von Cannon and Makeup Artist Ozzy Salvatierra. 


The Queen of Grunge Courtney Love covers the Fall/Winter edition of Vs. Magazine, with Make-up by Streeters' Ozzy Salvatierra.

Photographed Vincent Peters, the notorious singer takes us through the studio of her West Village home in New York City. Donned in a sexy mix of lingerie and menswear inspired pieces, Love is given a dramatic beauty look to complement the clash of femininity and masculinity. Salvatierra takes inspiration from Kumidori makeup traditionally worn by Kabuki actors covering her face in solid white and giving her dark, shimmering eyes and bold lips as his take on the theatrical façade. Stylistically, Kumadori transforms the wearer into their role, beautifying and emphasizing its personality and facial expressions. And, the spirited and rugged Love stares coldly into the lense exemplifying the power of Salvatierra's bold creation.