In Mister Muse's Fall 2013 issue, Streeters Stylist Sarah Ellison-Prat styles Rapper A$AP Rocky for a new story shot by Photographer Beau Grealy, "The Poet in Rhyme". We caught up with Sarah who told us about being a collaborator with the talented rapper and their favorite designers.

Streeters: Now, you've worked with A$AP Rocky in the past.

Sarah Ellison-Prat: This is my 3rd time working with A$AP Rocky. The first two were for Interview. (April 2013 and February 2012 issues).

Streeters: How has it been working with him?

Sarah Ellison-Prat: Its been great to watch his progress as an artist and also as a young guy navigating celebrity. What has impressed me the most is that he has remained exactly the same person. He treats everyone just as well as he always did and we still have a lot of fun playing with clothes. And his intelligence is remarkable, as is his knowledge and true appreciation of fashion.

Streeters: What are some of his favorite looks and designers?

Sarah Ellison-Prat: We have very similar taste and love many of the same designers - Rick Owens, Carol Christian Poell, a lot of the darker stuff. And for this shoot, I knew right away I wanted to take him a bit more chic - still the dark aesthetic, but using suitings and more luxurious fabrics. It felt like a very natural progression and suited him really well.