Every generation has a different definition of beauty. And through the imaginative minds of Director Luke Gilford and Streeters Makeup Artist Ozzy Salvatierra, we are given a glimpse of beauty's future in a striking yet haunting new film for Document Journal's Autumn/Winter issue, "The Future of Flesh."

Starring Artists Rya Kleinpeter, Peggy Noland, Renata Raksha and Rosalie Gilford, "The Future of Flesh" tells tale of a tribe of future-women stuck in present-day American suburbia. Donned in current fashions, these women attempt to blend into their surroundings, though their pristine, silicone-like skin and obscure facial structures are not missed. But rather than fear this peculiar kind, the present-day women embrace the evolved aesthetic and attempt to replicate their look.

Though it is impossible to predict how future societies will define beauty, Gilford and Salvatierra look upon the evolution of this definition with open arms as depicted in this wondrous film. 

Check out the stills here!