In an exclusive interview with InStyle, Streeters Makeup Artist Ozzy Salvatierra shares his inspirations and techniques used to create Lykke Li's haunting look in the Swedish singer's new music video for "Gunshot".

“ 'I had watched Great Expectations and had the image of Miss Havisham stuck in my head,' says makeup extraordinaire Ozzy Salvatierra, who has collaborated with Li since her 2008 debut album, Youth Novels. 'I wanted Lykke to no longer see herself and instead get lost in the character she had already developed through the music.' "


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The Queen of Grunge Courtney Love covers the Fall/Winter edition of Vs. Magazine, with Make-up by Streeters' Ozzy Salvatierra.

Photographed Vincent Peters, the notorious singer takes us through the studio of her West Village home in New York City. Donned in a sexy mix of lingerie and menswear inspired pieces, Love is given a dramatic beauty look to complement the clash of femininity and masculinity. Salvatierra takes inspiration from Kumidori makeup traditionally worn by Kabuki actors covering her face in solid white and giving her dark, shimmering eyes and bold lips as his take on the theatrical façade. Stylistically, Kumadori transforms the wearer into their role, beautifying and emphasizing its personality and facial expressions. And, the spirited and rugged Love stares coldly into the lense exemplifying the power of Salvatierra's bold creation.       


Streeters Makeup Artist Ozzy Salvatierra collaborated with renowned Swedish Director Jonas Akerlund, known for such works as Madonna's "Ray of Light" and Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" music videos, for the new Lexus 2014 IS commercial.The ad proclaims, "You can choose to blend in, or you can choose to blend out," and Ozzy chooses a beauty look that embraces the latter. Ozzy creates a a bold eye and lip to complement the ad's fast-paced aesthetic. Click through for detail shots and to watch the video.

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